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Library Revamp!

As a way to further encourage the children to read for pleasure, we have reorganised our library. We have cleared out texts that are no longer suitable to make room for the new additions. I would like to thank everyone who made book donations. It has really helped to fill our collection with modern texts.

The shelves have now been organised to specific genres as you can see below.

Computing Club

This week we have finished our first animations! The children had a choice as to what their animation would be and what it would do. They worked very well as a team and created some wonderful designs. Next week we will add further codes to the animation. Below you can find examples of what was created.




Reading for Pleasure Fundraiser - CL3

I would like to take this opportunity to first thank all of the children for their amazing work during this fundraising day. They were extremely helpful and understanding with the younger children (and they also showed a real flare for advertising...). With the sale of sweets, games and cakes we raised over £200! I would also like to thank you for your continued support as the children throughout the school thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The day began by organising the classroom with the range of activities.

Writing for Pleasure - Autumn 2017

The children have truly excelled themselves in their Writing for Pleasure this term. I was so impressed with the varied text types chosen and the engagement from all of the children in school.

In Class 1, the children designed their own monster together using digital media! They discussed lots of different things about the monster to inform their writing. We were so impressed with the quality of the writing for these children so early on. Well done Class 1! They have created some truly lovely pieces of writing.

Reading Explorer 8/12/17

As detailed in this blog, we have been encouraging the children to extend their reading choices. These week's Reading Explorers are:

  • Sadie from Class 2 for having a detailed diary (including the questions she has answered while reading at home)
  • Archie, Hayden and Matilda from Class 4 for their super explanation of genres in their diaries



Books Wanted!

We are currently planning to revamp the school library as a way to encourage more children to read in there for pleasure. If you have any unwanted books at home, we would appreciate the donation. 

Writing for Pleasure - Moz the Monster

What is Writing for Pleasure?

At The Meadows, we put a great deal of emphasis on giving the children a range of stimuli to encourage their imagination and to inform their writing. Each week our lessons build on key elements of writing (VCOP) so that the children can apply these in their weekly Big Write. The children respond well to this structure and across the school have a strong writing stamina. However, we also feel it is important to give the children opportunity to write at leisure about subjects they are actively passionate about.

Class 3 Fundraising: Reading for Pleasure - Thursday 14th December

On Thursday 14th December, the children in Class 3 will be conducting a fundraising day to raise money for Reading for Pleasure books. We will use the money to buy copies of the book that children recommend each month. This will take place during various times of the day to allow everyone to participate. The following activities will be available:

Whole School


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