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Spelling Day - Whole School

As part of our school improvement plan this year, we have been raising the profile of spelling. Throughout the year, the children have begun to identify the end of year words that are expected at each key stage while also becoming more aware of errors they  commonly make. There has been a clear improvement across the year. This positive improvement has also been noted during our recent moderation in KS2 and KS1. 

As a reward (and as a way to consolidate their learning), the children requested a ‘fun’ day of spelling.

String Lessons

On Friday, Mrs Hughes came into school to give the children a violin lesson. Lots of the children from KS2 remembered Mrs Hughes and were very engaged in the activities! They enjoyed singing about BBQs, playing musical games, and one child even showed that playing the violin was like riding a bike (well done, Joe)! At the end of the session, she explained that from September the children could have lessons in the violin, cello or viola. These would be private, group lessons for as little as £1.50 per child (depending on how many children were in the group).

DITTO - Online Safety Magazine Summer Holiday Special

You can download a copy of the lateste DITTO magazine here. This issue focuses on the high school transition, ensuring all devices are up to date in terms of parental settings, 'decoy' apps (applications that allow your child to keep information private). As ever, if you have any questions regarding the issues in this magazine (or online safety in general), do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.

The Characteristics of a Designer - Class 3

In our English unit this term, we have been looking at the power of advertising. We have identified the features in written adverts as well as visual adverts (to selling Cadbury’s chocolate to the Boss Baby trailer). We have been teaching the children to think rather cynically about advertising—and they all realise that most adverts are attempting to persuade us to purchase something. They have begun to produce their own advert for a magic wand and have been applying their computing skills in this. Below are several photographs of the children filming.

Surveys for Spelling and Reading

Today you will have received a link to a survey regarding reading and spelling. We would appreciate as many responses as possible to give us a broad understanding of reading and spelling in and out of the school. If you have not received a link to this survey, please contact the office. Thank you.

Spelling Day

Last week you will have received a letter regarding the upcoming Spelling Day (the letter can be downloaded here). Due to other commitments, the day has been moved to Wednesday 12th July.

Snapchat Safety Issue

Snapchat has released a new update that connects to your phone or tablet’s GPS and automatically (unless “ghost mode” is activated) shows users who follow you where you are on a map, down to the exact street. We have discussed with Class 4 today how to activate the 'ghost mode'.

In order to active 'ghost mode', you need to do the following:


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