Stoke Football 'City 7s'

Stoke City Football Club came into school today to talk to us about the team and some of the events that the club do. They told us that the last match of the season will be a big party event  and were offering tickets for just £5 to children at The Meadows. Pottermous (their team mascot) will be there to cheer them on too! Children in Year 2 were offered the opportunity to join their City 7s Club and were all very lucky to be given a goody bag with a home shirt, two free match tickets and a Stoke City bag. We very very excited and lots of us were keen to wear our new shirts!

British Science Week

Last week was British Science Week (9 - 18 March), which is a national celebration of Scientific contributions and achievements. In Classes 1 and 2, we were scientists investigating the effects of plastic pollution through scientific enquiry. We thought about how we can help protect the environment by finding out about:

Science Week - CL3

For our Science Week, the children explored the problem of oil pollution. This has linked nicely to our work on rivers. The children were very engaged (and rightfully outraged) about a problem that has such massive impacts on our environment.

Reading Treasure Hunt - CL3

As a way to reward those children who consistently read more than is expected at home, we reward the children with a treasure hunt! This term we had a lot of children exploring the school for their prizes. There were a series of riddles that they had to get right in order to get to the next stage. The riddles were themed around our recent work on The Spiderwick Chronicles. You may have heard something about a boggart...

Below you can find some photographs from our hunt. The children really seemed to enjoy the hunt!


We have had a lovely morning in Class 1. Koome's dad came in to talk to us all about Kenya as this is where he grew up. We learned all about the climates and range of landscapes in Kenya. We learned about how culture and language is different in different regions of Kenya. It was especially interesting to look at the range of schools in Kenya and how it is similar and different to education here in Britain. Our favourite part  was the amazing stories and experiences from childhood that Koome's dad told us about. It was very different to how children play today!


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