Children In Need

As ever, the children rose to the occassion of raising money by wearing yellow! They were very excited when they came into school this morning and we had several Pudsey's wandering around the school (Mrs Procter included)! Below you can find several photographs from the day:


IMG_20171117_141042.jpg IMG_20171117_141452.jpg

Armistice Day


Today I attended a service at the Madeley Heath monument to pay respects to all the service men and women who have lost their lives in the Great Wars and the conflicts of more recent years.  It was lovely to see so many of our families from The Meadows, who had taken time in their weekend, to join the local community in such a important moment of reflection.

Viking Visit - CL3

Yesterday, the children were visited by a Viking… It began with a siege in the library! The children were very engaged from the off (and a little bit on their guard)! Below were just a few of the many items he brought with him.

IMG_20171109_090337.jpg IMG_20171109_090410.jpg

Half-Term Reading Reward - CL3

Our reading incentive has proven to be very positive! All of the children are very eager to get a book on our 'Book Tower'. In order to get a book on the tower, the children must do an additional piece of home learning in terms of their reading (such as an extra reading entry or AF comment). 

Our winning team for the first term was 'Moss Monsters'. Their reward involved a treasure hunt! Before they were allowed to take the prize, they had to answer a reading question (based on How to Train your Dragon) and answer a riddle.

Home Learning: Computing

In Computing, the children have been studying coding through the programme Scratch. Last term, we looked at designing different educational games. This term we have moved on to creating toy prototypes.

Jake G has been an avid user of Scratch for quite some time and has become very confident in many of the features. For his own enjoyment, he has created an  multiplication game. You can view a screencapture of the game below (and if you click the image you can go on to play the game). Well done for this super home learning, Jake!



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