Bikeability -Year 5

During the course of Monday and Tuesday, pupils in Year 5 had the opportunity to participate in 'Bikeability' - a course designed to enable children to be safe when cycling on the roads. 

After they had met their instructor Jane, they were shown how to check their bikes (something which they should do every time they use them). They had to check the ABCDs, which stand for:

Air - Check that your tyres feel hard.

Brakes -Make sure both brakes stop the wheels from turning.

Chain - Ensure the chain runs smoothly.

School Ambassadors' Stars of the Week 15th Sep 2017

In our Celebrations Assembly today, we were able to begin our new role as School Ambassadors. This involved celebrating the success of the children in our school and giving out our own awards for people who have impressed us this week. 

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Our stars

Today we celebrated the success of Immy Speakman in her flute exam.

Viking Day - Class 3

Last week, the children were introduced to the world of Vikings and Dragons! We began our first day back with a Viking themed day, which links nicely to our English lessons where we will be reading the text, How to Train Your Dragon. We began the day with a range of different activities, from making jewellery to designing their own parchment.

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