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Twinkl Phonics App

We would like to direct you towards a potential resource to use at home to support reading and spelling within KS1.


The Twinkl phonics App is designed to support children in developing some of the key skills taught in Phases 1-5 of the DfES Letters and Sounds Document. Activities are presented in a fun, child friendly way (with lovely twinkl artwork) and covers the following:

Letter Join - Handwriting Scheme

Last week, a letter went out through ParentMail or as a paper copy relating to our new handwriting scheme, Letter Join. This scheme can be accessed at home, as detailed in the letter. More information regarding the scheme can be found here. If you are unsure about how to login or do not have the details, please contact a member of staff.

Parent Online Safety App

After our recent parent survey, one area that was highlighted as a problem parents face is that of online safety. After some research, we discovered an app that could be of use. The app is called 'CyberSense' and it helps open a dialogue with you and your child regarding online safety. The app covers nine subjects, all of which are appropriate for children aged eight to ten. These including: chatting, downloading, sharing, making friends, privacy and theft, cyberbullying, gaming, competitions and adverts, and adult content.

E-Safety Assemblies - Ella-Grace and Alistair

On Monday 7th December, Class 3 and 4 held an assembly about E-Safety. We have been learning about it for a while now and has helped us know a little bit more about it. E-safety is really important to everyone- even adults. Staying safe online makes your life secure and doesn’t cause any hassle.

We participated in a questionnaire to confirm that we all know about staying safe online. Below is the list of questions and answers.

The character who is involved in these questions is: Dodge!


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