Reception Curriculum


Going Places


This half term, Reception will be recounting their own holiday news and asking lots of questions about their friend's experiences. We will also be further exploring the use of technology in the home and at school. Reception will be joining Class 2 for technology to learn how to operate the Learn Pads. As this is the third and final term of the academic year, we will be joining Class 2 for many themed activities as part of our transition plan. It is a big jump from EYFS to national Curriculum, but the reception children will be happy, well prepared and ready to learn as they will be used to their new classroom and the Year 1 staff.

Although we are mindful of transition, there is still lots of learning to be done in reception. As we approach our summer holidays we will learn about different countries we would like to visit. We will taste different foods from around the world and learn a few phrases in different languages.

We will also explore different modes of transport. In expressive art and design during the summer term we will learn about another artist and create pictures in the style of Matisse.

In RE we will learn about familiar places and our immediate environment. We will learn about places of worship such as a church, a mosque and a synagogue. 

We will have time to learn through our own work and exploration. We will meet new challenges and talk to each other about what we are learning. With our teachers, we will learn more digraphs  trigraphs and alternative spelling.We enjoy problem solving with number, space, shape and measures every day. We will practise forming letters and numbers correctly and consistently. In our creative area we can paint, collage and model with clay. Listening and discussing stories and watching video clips about the world around us on the Smartboard is great fun too. The Learn Pads will also help us to learn letters, sounds and our maths.

We will continue to teach the children the Secrets of Success and receive many more Dojo rewards. The children are very proud of their achievements. Parents and carers are welcome to come into school on Friday mornings from 8.45. The children love to show off their work and it is a super opportunity for you to show off about your child's learning at home too. Don't forget to write a WOW star for any of your child's achievements at home. It can be anything such as swimming awards, going to bed on time, reading a new book or even eating a new vegetable!

Thank you for your ongoing support.