Reception Curriculum


Autumn Term 1

This half term is all about getting to know each other. Staff will be interacting with and observing the children throughout the school day. We see how they come into school, if they are confident to access new activities and how they relate to the adults and their peers. It is important to note that all children are different. Some come into school raring to go and others take a little longer to settle and need a little more reassurance. This also applies to the parents too! Home visits are very useful in this process. It allows practitioners to see children in their own comfort zone with their parents. It is lovely to share their interests and see their favourite toys, games and books. it is nice to get to know the whole family and the cups of coffee are much appreciated! It is also time for you to get to know us a little better, voice any apprehensions or discuss any concerns. Even the children in year six remember when the teachers came to their house. It creates fond memories and positive relationships from day one.

Daily routines are established throughout the first half term. The children respond well to the daily routine as it offers stability and reassurance. There are lots of new things to get used to and the whole staff are all aware of this and are supportive around school. As part of our positive behaviour management system, we introduce the DoJos and the Secrets of Success to the children, which they love. 

From week 3 we begin to teach discreet phonics and the children will bring home sounds to practise and words to read. They will also have a school reading book and reading record diary. A letter will be sent home alongside the reading books. We will also introduce out electronic scheme of reading books. Parents will be invited into school for a Bug Club workshop. details of which will follow soon.

Our topics for this half term will include 'All About Me', 'Harry and his dinosaurs start school and dinosaurs', Autumn and Harvest.