Reception Curriculum


Spring Term 

This half term in Class 1, we will be continuing to reinforce positive learning behaviour using our Do Jo reward system. The children love to get DO Jos for our 8 Secrets of Success. You can encourage this with your child, by asking them what they have had a Do Jo for. The children are already becoming independent in their learning challenges and making their own recording in their learning diaries. This is a real positive as children are becoming confident at discussing what they have learned and things they would like to do next, using their thinking hats.

We will continue with our daily phonics sessions. The children learn their alphabet, letter names and letter sounds. (phonemes). They also learn to write the letter shapes (graphemes) and are encouraged to form cursive letters correctly. This is something that you can practise at home with your child. All children are improving at their phonic skills such as blending and segmenting to read and spell. The children love to use these skills on Bug Club and also using Phonic play - at home as well as at school. This half term we will be practising digraphs which are 2 letters that make 1 sound eg – sh ch th ng and introducing vowel diagraphs such as ai, oa, and ue. We will also learn trigraphs which are 3 letters which make 1 sound such as igh. The children are also learning how to read and spell tricky words – the, to, no, go I, we, she, he, me and was.

Every day we have a FUN maths session. This is time to practise our fluency and understanding of number through fun songs, rhymes and games. You can help your child to develop these skills through lots of counting forwards and backwards, learning number bonds, adding and subtracting within 10 and then 20. We also practise number formation daily using catchy songs. The children know these rhymes off by heart and love to sing them. This half term we will also be learning to tell the time to o’clock, measure and compare capacity, size and weight as well as working with numbers to solve problems using addition, subtraction and sharing.

Our topics for this half term will cover British traditions such as New Year, Shrove Tuesday and  Mothers' day. We also learn about festivals which have originated all around the world and are now celebrated in Britain such as Chinese New Year. We look forward to learning about the Easter story and Easter traditions around the world.

Our author last half term was Jill Murphy. The children loved listening to her stories and completing fun activities.The children have loved learning fun facts about the author and can all tell you what Jill Murphy likes best for he tea! We will now move on to the children’s author Shirley Hughes. We will listen to stories such as Alfie Gets in First and Dogger. There will be lots more fun learning activities to complete.

We would like to say a big thank you to all parents for your wonderful support. We love to see you on Friday mornings and the children love sharing their learning with you and each other. It was great to see so many parents at the Numicon Workshop and lots of children are sharing learning from home.Thank you everyone for attending parental consultations too. Any questions or concerns, please come in and speak to us.

Week 1

This week we will be learning about New Year traditions around the world. we will make our own resolutions! We will also be sharing our experiences and Christmas news with the class and writing/drawing our own recount. We will continue with our daily phonics. The  sound of the week will be 'sh'. In FUN maths we will be counting and finding different ways to make 5. We will also be learning about time - the year 2018 and the months of the year.

Week 2

This week we will be learning about seasons and how our environment changes throughout the year. We will be writing Winter facts. Our sounds will be ch and th this week. In FUN maths we will be counting and finding different ways to make 5 and then 10. We will also be learning about time - the year 2018 and the months of the year, days of the week and measuring time in seconds, minutes and hours.