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Party Time

Today Class 1 and Class 2 had their end of term party. We enjoyed playing party games and especially enjoyed eating all of the party food. Please enjoy looking at some of our photos. 


Beach Day

Today Class 1 and Class 2 have enjoyed a fun filled beach themed day. The children have taken part in a variety of activities including painting a beach scene, making puppets and a cup and ball game and also playing traditional seaside games such as the coconut shy, hook a duck and hoopla. We also made super sandcastles decorated with our own flags and shells.

For lunch we had fish and chips served in chip trays with wooden forks. As an extra treat in the afternoon, we had a 99 from the ice cream van.

Class 1 and 2 Anti bullying week

Last week at the Meadows it was anti bullying week. Classes 1 and 2 looked at our new school anti bullying policy. We discussed the school definition of bullying and our acronym STOP to help us remember that bullying is hurting others (emotionally or physically)  - Several Times On Purpose. During the week, we used two key texts; Is it because? by Tony Ross and Something Else by Kathryn Cave. These were used to develop the children’s understanding of types of bullying, its effects and what to do if they felt that they or someone else was being bullied.


Ready Steady Swim!

Poppy in class 1 has taken part in a sponsored swimming event to raise money for the National Deaf Children's Society - She has swam 112 metres at the weekend and has raised over £400.00. She was very proud of her self as we celebrated Poppy's achievement in assembly today. Well done Poppy!



Home Learning

Reading books will be changed on Monday next week. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. I would like to remind you about  where you can find lots of fun games to practise phase 3 phonics and tricky words. The children have each done a phonics assessment this week and they have all made clear progress. Well done everybody!

Dogs Trust Visit

Today here at The Meadows we have enjoyed an educational visit from Bertie the dog and his owner Alison from the Dogs Trust. Bertie was very well behaved as were the children. Class  1 and Class 2 have learned about the important work that the Dogs Trust do for homeless dogs. We also learned how to be responsible dog owner. The children enjoyed a hands on experience. They were able to listen to Bertie’s heartbeat, scan for a microchip and groom him. Some brave children even scooped the poop!! (plastic of course). We all gave Bertie a stroke and said goodbye.

Dogs Trust Fundraising Day

Class 1 and 2 have had a fantastic morning decorating biscuits. The children then held a bake sale during the morning break to raise money for the Dogs Trust who will be visiting next week. Thank you for all of your kind  donations. We will let you know the grand total of all of the children's efforts at the end of the week. The winner of the 'Name the Puppy' competition will be announced on Friday.

Planning in reception

Today the children have used their thinking hats to talk about our new topic, animals. We used our white hats to remember facts about animals. We used our yellow hats to talk about good points, black hats to think about any bad points. The most exciting part, was that we used our blue hat thinking to plan our new topic. They came up with the most wierd and wonderful ideas! We will be using these super ideas to inform our more formal planning and use them to move the children's learning forward.

Alien Party!

We are celebrating in reception this week. We have got 20 marbles in our jar for good behaviour and good learning. As a reward the children have chosen to have a party on Friday. In keeping with our class topic, it will be an alien party. We have created alien hats, designed invitations, written recipes and made cakes and jelly. 


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