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Woodland Walk

On Thursday, Reception went out for a Woodland Walk. Our task was to find signs of Spring. We all had a checklist. We found flowers such as dafodils, buttercups, daisies and tulpis. We found lots of insects. We found a ladybird house, a beetle and a worm. There were some nests in the trees. We also looked closely at seedlings and buds using the magnifiers. We didn't find a squirrel. We think the squirrel was hiding because of the noises.


Happy Holi

 Today in reception, we have been learning about a Hindu festival, Holi. It is also known as the Festival of Colour. Holi celebrates Spring and new beginnings. It origionated in North India but is now celebrated in many countries. As part of our learning about People and Communities, we learn about many different cultures and religions. This helps to develop British Values in the Early Years.



You are under arrest!

Reception have had a police station in the role play area this half term. The children have applied their writing, reading and maths skills into their own learning. We would love to share some of our photographs with you.



Water Water Everywhere!

This week in maths, Reception have been learning about capacity. We have been playing and exploring in our outdoor kitchen, pouring water in to and out of different containers of all shapes and sizes. The children have been using language to compare and order items by capacity. They have also been making predictions and estimating how many jugs it would take to fill a range of containers.Today we have completed our Monthly Meadows Maths Challenge. Please have a look at some of the photographs below


World Book Day

For World Book Day we all dresssed up as characters, taking inspiration from myths and legends. There was a wide variety of super costumes to be seen, including knights, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, plus many more interesting ideas!

British Values

This week, we have been learning about children's rights in PSHE. We have been looking at inspirational quotes and artwork about freedoms around the world. We have thought about freedom to be yourself, freedom to have a home and feel safe, freedom to have your own ideas and freedom to learn. We have developed ideas and produced our own original artwork based on freedom. This will be displayed in school for the children to reflect upon and visitors to enjoy.

Elf Adventure

Class 1 and Class 2 had a fantastic day out at The Ice Cream Farm on Friday. When we got there we were greeted by the elves, who showed us a short film about Santa. Then we went into our workshops to do our elf training! We had to make toys. Then we had to sort them and send them down special chutes for each country. We sent presents to Spain, France, Sweden, America and Australia! Later we raced reindeer and made a special elf medal.We all received a certificate as we are now all certified elves.

Fruit Pizzas

Today some of our parents have been into school to learn with us in reception. Mellors have visited to help us to eat healthily. We tried lots of new exciting fruit! We all got a Dojo for trying new things which is one of our Secrets of Success. We ate cranberries, apricots, water melon, kiwi, grapes and Mrs Fowlers' favourite fruit blueberries! Then we made delicious fruit pizzas. Finally we ate our pizzas. They were very tasty!


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