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Goodbye Y6

 The time has come to say a special goodbye to our year six children. 



We all enjoyed watching your play "Mary Poppins". It showed just how talented you all are and how confident you have become. The journey you have been on is remarkable. Many of you took on main characters which 12 months ago, would have seemed impossible.  

Music Concert

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a concert organized by Mrs Hollinshead-Bland (Mrs HB) and hosted at St John's Primary School in Keele.  

Fathers' Day Lunch and P.E

Class 3 were able to invite a special man in their lives to join our fathers' day lunch. They were treated to an all day English breakfast, before joining the children in their P.E. lesson.  Our P.E. coach had planned a new sport for us to try called softball. It is a junior version of baseball and is very similar to rounders.  We divided everyone into two teams and quickly picked up the rules.  Everyone developed their skills and was able to make contact with the ball using the bat.  The final score was 3 - 1.


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