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Bikeability -Year 5

During the course of Monday and Tuesday, pupils in Year 5 had the opportunity to participate in 'Bikeability' - a course designed to enable children to be safe when cycling on the roads. 

After they had met their instructor Jane, they were shown how to check their bikes (something which they should do every time they use them). They had to check the ABCDs, which stand for:

Air - Check that your tyres feel hard.

Brakes -Make sure both brakes stop the wheels from turning.

Chain - Ensure the chain runs smoothly.

Y6 First Aid Training

First aid.png

On Tuesday the 27th of June, we had a very special visitor; his name is Richard and he was from the British Red Cross. He came to teach us (the year six students) all about first aid. We were taught these skills to ensure that we know what to do in medical emergencies.


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