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NSPCC Assembly and Workshop

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On Monday, two ladies called Steph and Liz came into school to tell Classes 3+4 about the company they work with to protect children from cruelty (NSPCC). The first thing they showed us was their mascot Buddy, the speech bubble.

Numicon Family Workshop (Reception and Y1) 19th October


On Thursday 19th October, parents and family members of pupils in Class One (Reception) and Y1 (Class 2) were invited in to school to participate in a Numicon Family Workshop. Here they had the opportunity to learn more about the resources we use in school to support learning in Maths. 

To begin the session, the parents were introduced to Numicon -a concrete resource used to build conceptual understanding in maths. We discussed:

Learning in Class 4 13/10/17 by Logan and Lottie

Over the past two weeks in Class 4, we have been learning about:

  • Science (boat experiment)

We have been looking at stream lining and why it is important to reduce water resistance. We investigated what shape was the most stream lined for a boat. We designed then created our boats. We tested them by using a hand held fan and seeing how quickly it moved along a tray of water.


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