Assessment Focus (AF) Comments

The children across the school have been given an AF sheet to use when reading at home. This bookmark highlights the key aspects needed for your child to progress in their reading. Each leaf refers to one of the different aspects of reading. As decoding is just one part of reading, we feel these trees reflect the broad and challenging nature of reading as there are many skills needed to become a competent and independent reader.

Every week, we would ask the children in KS2 to write a short comment regarding their reading. In their diary, they should refer to what AF they are commenting on (AF 1-7). 

Please use the below resources to assist you at home when reading and sharing books together. There are prompts to help you support your child’s reading in other ways than just listening to the words being read. This is an area in which we know lots of parents would like more guidance.

To download a copy of the below mats, click the image.

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3